Peru perfection - March 2008

A short note to let you know that we are safely home, Martha, and that you are indeed an expert.....everything was essentially perfect, and we felt safe, comfortable and immensely engaged the entire trip in all that is wonderful about Peru. Your sub contractors in Peru are really good, excellent, and we would especially want to emphasize the talents of the guides: Carla in Lima, Arturo in Cusco, Santiago in the Valley; Antoinette in Arequipa = superbly knowledgeable, generous with their time and information, and fun to be with. The drivers knew their roads intimately, and were focussed = we always felt safe, and some roads are more imperfect than others! The allotment of time was really good; you paced us well. Sure, we might have spent an extra day here or there, but overall = really good.... thank you
Janet and Beverly


Thank you so much for organizing such a super tour for us! Our stay in Santiago was perfect, thanks primarily to our guide, Gustavo, who was perceptive, knowledgeable and attentive to our every wish. We chose to hire him for a personal tour of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, which was an inspiration, because, having grown up there, he gave us a personalized tour which exceeded even our great expectations.

You have truly whetted our appetite for South America and everything to come. Thank you for the surprises, of course, but we do not wish to overlook the value of the everyday preparations which you have made on our behalf.
Alan and Glenna


This is a note to sincere thanks to you and your staff of travel professionals for the planning, organization and attention to details of our recent trip to South America including Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

We have traveled widely to many parts of the world. The difference for us with Martour was the specific and detailed knowledge you and your staff have of South America and your ability to customize out trip to our wishes.

In conclusion, Mary and I can truly say this was a trip of a lifetime. Martour and its partners in South America are travel experts in the region .
Ralph and Mary Prentice.


I have been blessed in seeing a small part of the inspirational magic of South America, Chile and Patagonia were just spectacular. Thank you to everyone at Martour. you are amazing and your work impeccable. I will remember this adventure for the rest of my life and treasure the experience.
Jean and Patrick Mcmurray.


We had a great time and memorable trip the past week to Costa Rica and Belize. Thank you for all your hospitality. You are all working together as a great team. Your tour was just perfect for our family. My children enjoyed all the activities and tours you so well planned. The guides, drivers and accommodation you arranged was just what we wanted and
needed for a perfect holiday.. My family thanks you !!
The Becker Family.

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