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    About Guatemala

    Guatemala is a combination of spectacular nature, a rich history, and magical cultures, and is only now establishing itself as a destination for travelers looking for something unique.

    Guatemala has 33 volcanoes, many active, within its territory. Large expanses of jungle, lakes and rivers draw those interested in eco activities and outdoor sport. The country’s large indigenous population, descendents of the Maya who occupied the area centuries ago, lives in the shadow of the ruins of cities like Tikal and Yaxha, important sites in the Mundo Maya, or Mayan World. These modern day Maya are pleased to share their vibrant culture with visitors to centres such as Chichicastenango with its traditional market and Lake Atitlan, surrounded by three volcanoes. Colonial cities like Antigua, take travelers back to the 16th and 17th centuries and everywhere are the colours, aromas and flavours of this interesting country.

    Guatemala’s strategic location spanning Central America makes it ideal for combination tours to Belize and Honduras each offering a different experience for people looking for a complete holiday experience.

    Guatemala welcomes tourists year around. The rainy season is from June through September but temperatures are spring like all year. Nighttime temperatures in the highland areas can be cool while temperatures in the rain forests and jungles may rise to the mid- to high 30’s C.
    The rainy season is characterized by sunny days with rain in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

    Canadian citizens require a valid passport.

    Capital                      Guatemala City

    Official language    Spanish / English is spoken in some tourist areas

    Currency                   Quetzal

    Voltage                     110 / 120 V

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